Our Family
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Our Family

Family! Photos! Family! Photos! Lots of pictures of our families!!


  • Our family is scattered all over the United States.  Betty Jo and Johnnie live in Granbury, Texas.  Betty Jo's family lives mostly in the Fort Worth, TX area.  Johnnie's family is mostly in Western North Carolina, but one sister lives in Pennsylvania.

  • Betty Jo's son. Andrew lives in Fort Worth with his wife Darla, and her son Tony and his wife, Jill live in Henderson, Nevada where he over sees and facilitates the International Baccalaureate Program for Clark County Schools and Jill is a principal at Clark High School.  Johnnie's son Eric lives in New Jersey, Jonathan is also in New Jersey and Johnnie's oldest son Sean lives in Draper, Utah with his wife Chantel and our grand-daughters, Charlee who was born January 1, 2009 and Brooklyn who was born April 19, 2011.



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