Jacob, Josh, Jocko, Jumper, Jezzie, Jasper & Jet & New Kitty Jill!!

2005 pictures of cats and dogs

The Dogs are Special

  • We have had Jacob 15 years.  He was given to us by our good friends, Darryl and Sunny Davis, DeFuniak Springs, Florida.  He cannot see very well and cannot hear.

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Jacob & Josh

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Josh & Jacob

  • Josh got cancerous tumors and he passed away at the age of 10. Jacob surely missed Josh when he first went away, but has now become close friends with Jasper and Jet

The Kittens are Special too

jumper.jpg (121970 bytes)

Jumper (so-so friendly)

jocko.jpg (124674 bytes)

Jocko (friendliest)

  • We have three great kittens, given to us by our good friends, Pam and Wayland Lain, Pittsburg, Texas.
  • We have had the kitties since June 2003.  Their names are:
  • Jocko black and white passed away at the young age of four.
  • Jumper solid black is a very sweet kitty and loves to be petted.
  • Jezzie gray very independent cat that wants you to kowtow to her desires.

bj_cats10.jpg (299554 bytes)

Betty Jo, Jumper, Jezzie & Jocko

bj_dogs_cactus.jpg (335630 bytes)

Betty Jo, Josh, Jacob & Christmas Cactus

Other Wildlife on the Place

This is the extent of our domestic pets, but we have many other animals on the place, some of which we could do without (skunks, moles, gophers, etc.)

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Betty Jo talking to Jumper, Jezzie & Jocko

jezziejohnnie.jpg (217102 bytes)

Johnnie & Jezzie

Our Two Outside Dogs

  • We got Jasper and Jet from our neighbors the first part of February 2004.
  • Jasper and Jet were born the day before Thanksgiving 2003.
  • They spend all of their time outside. They are our watch dogs, but may be a little friendly for that job.
  • Jasper and Jet are truly very sweet dogs and are now 8 years of age.

Jet (left) Jasper (looking down)

Jezzie (not friendly)

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Betty Jo & Jasper

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Jet & Jasper

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Jacob & Josh Christmas 2004

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Jacob & Josh Christmas 2004


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