Dan & Joyce's Home
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Dan and Joyce's New Home, It is Beautiful!!!!

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100_1997.JPG (98903 bytes)

Guest Bedroom

100_1998.JPG (82111 bytes)

Breakfast Room

100_1999.JPG (94068 bytes)

Guest Bathroom

100_2000.JPG (100395 bytes)


100_2001.JPG (99680 bytes)


100_2002.JPG (98825 bytes)


100_2003.JPG (81362 bytes)

Living Room

100_2004.JPG (90608 bytes)

Living Room

100_2006.JPG (100131 bytes)

Dining Room

100_2008.JPG (116562 bytes)

Dining Room

100_2010.JPG (88361 bytes)

Master Bedroom

100_2011.JPG (108963 bytes)

Master Bedroom

100_2012.JPG (89100 bytes)

Master Bedroom

100_2013.JPG (72519 bytes)

Spiral Staircase in Master Bedroom

100_2014.JPG (80400 bytes)

Master Bathroom

100_2015.JPG (96321 bytes)

Joyce's Area in Master Bath

100_2016.JPG (78341 bytes)

Dan's Area in Master Bath

100_2018.JPG (87676 bytes)

Living Room from above

100_2019.JPG (77926 bytes)

Front entrance from above

100_2020.JPG (90083 bytes)

TV Game Room

100_2021.JPG (78869 bytes)

Computer Room

100_2022.JPG (109628 bytes)

Computer Room

100_2023.JPG (72105 bytes)

Guest Bedroom

100_2024.JPG (97439 bytes)

Beautiful Swimming Pool

100_2025.JPG (118296 bytes)

Pool & Hot Tub

100_2026.JPG (165874 bytes)

Workshop & notice rock wall

100_2027.JPG (132062 bytes)

Beautiful View

100_2028.JPG (99981 bytes)

Beautiful View

100_2029.JPG (97549 bytes)

Beautiful View

100_2030.JPG (138892 bytes)

Beautiful View

100_2032.JPG (65808 bytes)

Beautiful View

100_2033.JPG (70705 bytes)

Guest Bathroom Upstairs

100_2034.JPG (86117 bytes)

Guest Bathroom Upstairs

100_2035.JPG (98071 bytes)

Pool and Hot Tub

100_2036.JPG (136787 bytes)

Check out the rock wall

100_2037.JPG (162406 bytes)

Check out the rock wall

100_2038.JPG (97864 bytes)

What? Making Pizza

100_2039.JPG (115604 bytes)

Dan Making Pizza

100_2040.JPG (112118 bytes)

I said, "Making Pizza"

100_2041.JPG (113654 bytes)

I love this pizza cutter!!

100_2042.JPG (116301 bytes)

Wanna see how I cut Pizza?

100_2043.JPG (128891 bytes)

Finishing Up the Pepperoni

100_2044.JPG (113225 bytes)

Clean up after Pizza

100_2045.JPG (117618 bytes)

Clean up after Pizza

100_2046.JPG (116002 bytes)

Here, catch!!

100_2047.JPG (104175 bytes)

Break time after clean up

100_2048.JPG (117663 bytes)

Still Cleaning

100_2050.JPG (125238 bytes)

I am really full of Pizza

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