Robert & Lois
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Congratulations Robert and Lois Campbell, 50 Years Together!!


Robert and Lois, 50th Wedding Anniversary

100_1659.JPG (103836 bytes)

Talma with other friends

100_1660.JPG (103512 bytes)

Many at the 50th Anniversary

100_1661.JPG (94581 bytes)

The food was great!!

100_1655.JPG (151130 bytes)

Patsy, Betty Jo & Betty Z

100_1662.JPG (110452 bytes)

More people for 50th

100_1663.JPG (84601 bytes)

I met these two nice people but forgot their names

100_1664.JPG (108115 bytes)

Brother Raymond and Brother Walter Allen

100_1654_0001.JPG (141572 bytes)

Patsy, Betty Jo & Betty Z

100_1653.JPG (149662 bytes)

Betty Jo & Betty Z

100_1652.JPG (138292 bytes)

Betty Jo & Betty Z

100_1657.JPG (115908 bytes)

Betty Jo and Betty S

100_1658.JPG (115326 bytes)

Talma, Pam Nelson and others

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