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Just a few products for a favorite area, in your den, garden, shop or patio!!!

benchpillows1.jpg (121422 bytes)

River Reed

Patio Bench with matching table - $239.95

Patio Bench - $159.95

Patio Table - $94.95

eriecanal3b30.jpg (173153 bytes)

Erie Canal

Overhang Garden Stool (34X14X18)


eggplant3b48.jpg (231252 bytes)


Patio or Porch Bench (48X12X18)


greenbrier2b30.jpg (201115 bytes)


Patio or Yard Bench (34X12X18)


paparika1b48.jpg (253040 bytes)


Patio or Garden Bench (48X12X18)


riverreedcb3.jpg (275426 bytes)

River Reed

Patio Couch or Bench (48X14X18)


toolrack24.jpg (100199 bytes)


Garden Tool Rack w/casters (24 slots 30" High)


toolrack20.jpg (86105 bytes)


Garden Tool Rack (20 slots 30" High)


awaitingpaint1.jpg (128615 bytes)

Awaiting paint and delivery

nicestorage1.jpg (124308 bytes)

Awaiting paint see storage area


petfoodstand2.jpg (246217 bytes)

Pet Food Tray and Stand


petfoodstand1.jpg (249654 bytes)

Pet Food Tray and Stand


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