April Birthdays!!
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100_1673.JPG (114628 bytes)

It is a Birthday Party for Patsy, Betty Z and Joan

100_1674.JPG (52527 bytes)

Geneva Looking Good

100_1675.JPG (126256 bytes)

Sue, Frances and Emma at the Party

100_1677.JPG (37094 bytes)

Gladys, Joan and Mary at the Party

100_1676.JPG (113269 bytes)

Sue and Frances Looking Good

100_1678.JPG (139876 bytes)

Margie and Billie

100_1679.JPG (106113 bytes)

Terry and Ashley

100_1680.JPG (117828 bytes)

Frances helping the April Birthday Girls!

100_1682.JPG (111324 bytes)

Joan, Gladys, Betty and other Birthday people

100_1683.JPG (128757 bytes)

Patsy blowing out the candles and Happy Birthday Everyone

100_1684.JPG (126456 bytes)

Joan cutting the cake while others supervise

100_1685.JPG (141365 bytes)

Joan and Margie

100_1686.JPG (126808 bytes)

Joan being silly while others watch

100_1681.JPG (109254 bytes)

April Birthday Girls!

100_1687.JPG (128182 bytes)

Talma and Patsy

100_1688.JPG (134659 bytes)

Emma, Talma and Patsy

100_1692.JPG (122445 bytes)

Patsy and Betty, Wow Presents!!

100_1693.JPG (90230 bytes)

Billie, Talma, Emma and Terry

100_1694.JPG (128248 bytes)

Betty more presents, Joan Oh! a Card!!

100_1689.JPG (154950 bytes)

Just park where find a place!

100_1690.JPG (161908 bytes)

Just park where find a place!

100_1691.JPG (113134 bytes)

Just park where find a place!

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