Trip To San Antonio
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A few pictures from our recent train ride and San Antonio visit

100_0823.JPG (133977 bytes)

Betty Jo being silly on the train

100_0824.JPG (106770 bytes)

Johnnie on the train

100_0826.JPG (143148 bytes)

Betty Jo on the train

100_0825.JPG (125605 bytes)

Johnnie looking dumb on the train

100_0830.JPG (107060 bytes)

Betty Jo trying get her shirt off

100_0831.JPG (95303 bytes)

The Train in Fort Worth

100_0837.JPG (102034 bytes)

Dan at his new house

100_0841.JPG (194410 bytes)

Tornado, Longhorn Bull

100_0834.JPG (93910 bytes)

Dan's closet neighbor

100_0836.JPG (171621 bytes)

Soon to be Sweetheart Pool

100_0833.JPG (173817 bytes)

Soon to be Sweetheart Pool

100_0911.JPG (94490 bytes)

View from Train

100_0847.JPG (155409 bytes)


100_0860.JPG (171242 bytes)

Feeding the Longhorns

100_0865.JPG (154215 bytes)

Feeding the Longhorns

100_0867.JPG (161230 bytes)

Feeding the Longhorns

100_0870.JPG (147245 bytes)

Back of Dan's Ranch House

100_0871a.JPG (81576 bytes)

Lawn Chairs

100_0873.JPG (195661 bytes)

Front of Ranch House

100_0877.JPG (193410 bytes)

A True Longhorn

100_0879.JPG (193587 bytes)

A Nice looking Longhorn Bull

100_0883.JPG (90878 bytes)

Dan, Joyce, Carl, Betty Jo& Rosie 

100_0886.JPG (107501 bytes)

Carl, Betty Jo & Rosie inside Ranch House

100_0893.JPG (97336 bytes)

Austin, TX

100_0895.JPG (94203 bytes)

Austin, TX

100_0898.JPG (133664 bytes)

Graffiti in Austin, TX

100_0900.JPG (166036 bytes)

Abstract in Austin, TX

100_0902.JPG (69800 bytes)

View from Train

100_0903.JPG (89375 bytes)

View from Train

100_0906.JPG (62746 bytes)

View from Train

100_0907.JPG (81320 bytes)

View from Train

100_0909.JPG (77559 bytes)

View from Train

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